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We love the beach so if you do, join us: But first just to make sure you do in fact love the beach (Every single one doesn't need to apply to you but if they all do then that's awesome, at least 5 though.):

1) You worship the beach.
2) "Summer is a verb".
3) You wear flip flops even when it's 35 degress.
4) You live within 30 min. of a beach. If you don't, you are willing to drive the distance to go to one.
5) You love the beach under ANY weather condition but preferably warm & sunny.
6) You like one of the 2 or you actually live in that areas: Laguna Beach or The OC.
7) You know Summer isn't just a season, it's a lifestyle.
8) You or one of your friends has a summer home.
9) When you need to go somewhere to think it's usually the beach.
10)And last but not least...introduce yourself, we're eager to get to know you:



How much you love the beach life (Rate 1-10):

Your favorite beach:

Tell us a little about you:

Catch ya'll on the beaches...

~*Summer Isn't Just A Season, It's a Lifestyle...