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Mod Post

Wow...I'm really glad you guys still post in this community haha...craziness, I've neglected it so much.

My friend Ashley and I made this community about 2 years ago now while were best friends and we had all these plans for it and what not. But eventually after about 2 years things change and we're about to graduate now, go off to college. Have grown apart. But it really is a good feeling to know that it continued to grow even after we forgot about it. And that you guys are still lovin the beach. Amazing.

But okay, to, I need 2 new mods. That will really take care of this community and care about it, keep it growing like we once did. And I will still be the primary ya know, creator but I want two people to sort of take over for now. So at the bottom of this entry, if you could fill out this...and apply to be one of the mods...


Why you want to co-mod:

how long you've been here:

what will you bring to the community:

you guys are amazing and keep it up,
summer's in the air so hit those beaches.

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