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Cuz Summer girls do it better.

Name: Molly

Age: 17

How much you love the beach life (Rate 1-10): My love for the beach can't be measured.

Your favorite beach: Hmm, must I pick only one? I simply cannot. I love any beach along the gulf of Mexico, but I'm destined to live on the Pacific coast in California.

Tell us a little about you: I'm a Summer girl who lives with passion and burns for theatre.

ps - Bands personify the lifestyle, don't ya think? For example, Incubus, 311, RHCP, etc. are all so Summery. I made a mix cd called Diamond Summer with all the songs that remind me of the beach and most of the songs are by them. I'm currently working on the second.

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i found this community and you guys are my perfect demographic for my school project.
if you wouldn't mind just posting this link up to everyone in the community that would be great.
its a survey that will only take 5 minutes of your time. its about a pair of sandals that I designed for a school project.
Thank you so much!